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Fishing/Adventure Reports

12/14/2017:  Tomorrow is the last day for Striped Bass…and it looks like there are still many around.  Your best chance is to run west, west and more west, to get on anything with some size.  There are still some in that 30-40lb range, but they are few and far apart, off of Fire Island, and east of Jones.  We are hearing better results in the area of Jamaica Bay. Sea Bass/Tautog.  Pretty sure Tautog closes today, 12/14, but Sea Bass is open until the 31st.  The great news is that with the end of the season upon us, the cold weather in our bones, there are less and less boats picking the pieces, which allows the opportunity to get on some better size Sea Bass.  The wind this year doesn’t seem to want to cooperate at all this year.  But I think you’ll find your chance to get onto some of the offshore pieces on Friday or Sunday.  It’s also not a bad idea to jump on a bigger boat, party boat and take a trip.  You’ll say dryer, have a place to get out of the cold, and have a more comfortable ride out to the fishing grounds. Cod is around, but haven’t heard of any MONSTERS.  It won’t be long now.