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Fishing Report
WOW…. It's time to get out there…if the weather ever cooperates.  If you are to the west, Far Rockaway, Brooklyn, Staten Island, you have a smorgasbord of species to target.  BIG Fluke have made their way inshore and in the bays, Blues are still making the rounds, STRIPERS won't seem to go away… and Bluefin Tuna have been spotted between 4 miles to 20 miles offshore, so they are reachable..

For those in Nassau, the Fluke bite is decent, the Stripers are holding up on the AB Reef and the Blues are making the rounds.

Fire Island area is still crushing the weakfish.  The best year EVER for Weakfish, but because the bass are now settled in between Ocean Beach and the Pines, everyone is running to them and forgetting about the great Weakfish bite between Kismet and Point of Woods.  If you are targeting Weakfish, go with PINK anything (they do prefer the smaller plastics) or Shrimp.. even a frozen shrimp on a hook!  The bass are mostly being caught on a snag and drag technique but plenty of fish are still being caught on Mojo's and Spoons.  The Tony Maja Spoons may be having one of their best years ever.   Sharks can be caught from 1/2 mile to 3 miles out.  Just find the bunker, set up so your drift heads towards them and HOLD ON…  Plenty of Threshers around to have a ton of fun (Hey, if you're not going to eat the meat.. take a picture and let these beautiful animals go….)  I personally saw Bluefin Tuna coming straight out of the water 3 miles offshore, we if the conditions are right now is a good time to take a shot at some of the near shore pieces, like the Compass Rose, Coimbra and that area in between.   Sea Bass opens in less than 20 days, and from the looks of it.. it's going to be a great season.  The only thing that is awful is Fluke Fishing.  There is 1 keeper for every 15 fish caught.  We saw this last year around Fire Island and it seems to be repeating itself.

Montauk is onto the Bass, BIG FLUKE or Porgies… you can never go wrong dropping a line in at the Best Fishing Grounds in the World.

Word from CT and the Long Island Sound is that the Fluke bite is becoming more steady.  Schoolie Bass are showing up and things are slowly getting hot.  The Blues are making the rounds to keep fishermen interested and excited.

Monster Sea Bass on the SLAYER

Big Sea Bass WANG JIG

Fishing around Fire Island has been Good and Bad… Lets first talk about the GOOD:
WEAKFISH:  This is probably the best year for Weakfish in a long, long time.  The fish are active, aggressive and are plenty.  Most of these fish are being caught off of Point of Woods, Fire Island, in the Bay.  There is some big drop offs in front of the marina area.  Most fish are being caught on PINK anything.  We've caught them on 4" All-American STINK Bubblegum Swirl Teasers, on a  1oz or 3/8oz SLAYER.  We have also caught them on a shrimp lure.  I am sure Gulp Shrimp will work just fine.  Many people use Pink or White Bass Assissins.  They are another great plastic bait.   THE BEST BAIT TO USE ARE Peanut Bunker or small Spots.  The Weakfish can't resist those.  


BLUEFISH:  They are a hit and miss.  They are always moving.  You mostly find them off of the various sandbars, drop offs and shoals.  Many have also ventured off to the back bays from Massapequa to Bellport.  When they are feeding you'll know it, just look for the birds.  The best way to get them are poppers on top.  I strongly recommend to switch out those treble hooks for single hooks.  It will save you a ton of trouble and maybe save you a hospital visit.


STRIPED BASS:  The schoolies are mostly west right now, off of the various marshes in Nassau County.  Of course there are some in the bay behind Fire Island but they aren't overly aggressive at this moment in time.  For the BIG STRIPERS, it's all about the troll right now in the ocean.  They are still west.  Start at the Pink Hotel, just west of the Jones Beach Inlet and work your way west.  Start in that 30-45 feet water column and return in that 60-75 feet water column.  I'd recommend to look for bait instead of trolling aimlessly around the ocean.  Most in our area are being caught on Mojo's, white and chartreuse, but some very good fish are still hitting the Spoons.   Go with Lead Core for your spoons, it will save you a ton of trouble and get your spoons down in the water column.


FLUKE:  Wow… not much action in the Fire Island area.  The water is still a tad too cold.  We are about another 2 weeks or so away before I expect the bite to be more aggressive.  Most of the Fluke right now are being caught off of NJ, near Jamaica Bay and out in Montauk.  Yes, of course those diehards are getting a pick here and there around Jones and Fire Island, but the bite is not strong.   


SEA BASS:  We don't open until late June, but NJ is all over them.  They are big and plentiful.  We strongly recommend to use the AllPro WANG JIG. There is nothing better for Sea Bass Fishing.  It attracts the larger fish, the hits are more aggressive and you don't have to be concerned about BAIT!

OFFSHORE:  Yes, Bluefin have been spotted, but I think we are still two weeks away before there is a consistent bite.  All these storms and heavy winds aren't helping us out.  South Jersey is having a blast right now.  Fish have been reported in the Chicken Canyon and the Triple Wrecks.. but not worth the fuel cost right now to take a shot at the Barcardi or the Texas Tower…