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Fishing Report

Fishing around Long Island has been consistent, inshore as well as offshore.
Inshore: From Breezy Point to Moriches it's been all about Fluke and Sea Bass as the Stripers have clearly made their way out to Montauk and continue their migration up north.   Fluke and Sea Bass have been plentiful, but not keeper sizes.  Many shorts are being caught as fishermen venture further offshore to the wrecks and structure to find the larger fish.  The usual baits work, Gulp, Squid, Spearing, AllPro Bucktails & Soft Baits, etc but we would highly recommend using LIVE KILLIES to attract the larger fish and to elicit more strikes.  At this time of year when you're facing prior weeks/months of many people fishing the same or similar spots, you need to reach back in your pocket and try something that the fish just can't resist.  A 3-way rig with a trailing killie at this time of year will get the larger fish to your hook.

As for Sea Bass, for the larger fish, we would strongly recommend to switch over to the JIG.  Most style jigs will work, but there is no doubt that the most productive Jig we used this year is our own AllPro Wang Butterfly Jigs and Lily Squid Jigs.  Silver and Gold seem to be the colors.  Not only will the Jig attract the larger fish, the aggressive strikes are unbelievable.

If you can get out to Montauk, Rhode Island or the Nantucket fishing grounds, the Striper Action can be awesome as bigger than life monsters are being taken on a regular basis, but don't forget about your Fluke and Sea Bass action.  Fluke to 10-12lbs is common in these waters, so are 21-23'' Sea Bass.

Offshore:  As the August waters settle down, this is the time of year you don't need a 30' plus boat to get involved in some offshore action. Blue Fin Tuna have been active as near as 22 miles south of Moriches and the Mahi Mahi have finally shown up in that same range.  If you got the boat or access to a canyon boat, the action along the edge has been extremely productive this year.  Yellow Fin, Marlin and even Swords are being caught from east to west along the shelf.  As for sharking, the action can start just a few miles off of the beach and continue south at or near all of the well-known wrecks.  If an area is holding bait, then this time of year, it's likely holding sharks as well.  Brown, Thresher, Blue, Mako's are all being caught on a regular basis.

Need more info on a particular species or area.  Email us at

Ouch…things have slowed a bit from Jamaica Bay right out to Moriches.  The Striper bite is a hit/miss situation with mostly smaller fish hanging around.  The anticipated second round of stripers migrating up never came close to shore and bypassed the nearshore fishermen.

The Fluke bite has been good in and around Jamaica Bay, Debs, and even Fire Island.  Keepers are still being caught, but more effort is needed.  The fluke bite along Fire Island is tough.  The party boats are wiping it out, thus mostly shorts are being pulled up.  The Fire Island Reef, for the most part, has been quiet.  The cholera banks are starting to heat up a bit, thus we think this is your best chance to get onto some decent size Fluke and Sea Bass.

There are a ton of smaller Sea Bass around, but many of the larger fish have been picked clean.  Your best chance to get onto decent Sea Bass is hitting the wrecks, 10-15 miles offshore.  But this is no secret as the Party Boats are spending the fuel and also making this trek.

The best game to target on the south shore of Long Island right noware SHARKS.  There are always blue sharks to get a tight line with, brown sharks and the Threshers are showing up in better numbers.  Mako's are still a challenge, but they're out there, as well as your occasional Great White.  Please know your sharks and the regulations before you venture out there.

The Tuna Bite has been a challenge.  Some days, its red HOT, other days you can't buy one.  The key hereis try, try and try again.  Go out there with an open mind and be prepared.  Have your favorite trolling spreads ready, but don't forget some fresh bait and jigs.  Also don't forget about LIVE BAIT.  Even during dead bites, LIVE BAIT will usually awake and encourage a bite.

The north shore and Montauk have also been hot and cold, across the board.  The Striper bite has been slow, the Fluke bites is not great and the Sea Bass have not come in with large numbers/sizes.

The fishing has been EXCELLENT, when Mother Nature is cooperating.  The Tuna Bite is ON.  It's a great way to spend the day.  Be prepared for anything and everything.  Bring your trolling gear, bait for chunking, jigs and even your Sabiki rigs to catch and offer live bait. The bite has been on the edge of the Chicken Canyon, up to the Bacardi, Texas Towers and further south right to the Hudson.  The Bluefin are aggressive and moving into shallow waters as well as they are chasing the bait in.  They have also been caught in the area of the Compass Rose, Coimbra, Tails and the Dips.  You just need good weather, some cold drinks, a bite to eat and time to track them down.  Find the bait and you'll find the Tuna. 

Fluke fishing has been good on the outside.  Bigger fish are being caught in the deeper water and further east, out towards Montauk.  The reefs out of Debs, Jones and Fire Island have been productive but you have to work for that bite.  Cholera Banks are due to get some nice fish on them as the water warms up. 

Stripers are moving east, with most of the action between Cherry Grove and Moriches Inlet.  These are big fish.  Work the pods, don't be afraid to use Mojos and Spoons around the pods as they have been very effective this year.  Some nice size fish are still be caught from Jones to Jamaica Bay, but the big schools just aren't in the area at the moment.

This week is SEA BASS WEEK!  The reefs are holding some nice fish, but don't forget the wrecks offshore a bit.  These have gone un-fished most of the year, so there should be some great fish on them. 


The Stripers are hot and cold.  The only way to score a good one is to be out on the water.  They are coming through in large schools, but there is separation between these schools, so one day the bite is hot, the next day you have to search for the action.  Nice size fish are being caught throughout the south shore, but the larger fish are still to the west.  This past cold front that we had isn't helping much, but the weather does look warmer in the upcoming days, so we may see these fish move more towards the east.

Fluke fishing has been hot and cold around Fire Island but they're here.  More consistent size fish are being caught to the west around Jones, Debs and Fire Island.  Moriches has cooled off a bit, but there is still action involving good size fish.  Montauk is looking brighter as the bite has picked up.  As the Ocean warms a bit, this will be the place to target those 6 plus pounders.

The large blues that we saw in May, seemed to have moved on, with most blues in the area are now less than 7lbs.  The north shore are seeing bigger blues and stripers moving in as the action has been fairly solid from Port Washington to Orient Point. 


They're HERE!!!  The Stripers and the BIG ONES are here.  They are running deep, in 50-60 feet of water.  Most of the action is coming from Mojo's, but there is consistent action on Spoons as well.  There has beensuccess on snagging and dragging, but in most situations, the bait has been low, thus its making it difficult to do.  We have solid reports from Moriches to Raritan Bay of BIG FISH.  Most of the bite is coming between 6am and 10a.m.  The bite seems to get hot and cold real quick.  Your game plan should be to start deep and drop your lines.  If you are seeing activity on top and you're not getting any action on the troll, don't hesitate to try snagging and dragging.  Also, keep an eye on those tide changes.  The bite is noticeably better about an hour after the change.

The Fluke getting stronger and Ocean Fluke are now part of the mix, but don't give up on the back bay action either.  Although the weather hasn't been favorable most days, this is a GREAT YEAR for fishing as we are getting large fish inside and outside.  We have been seeing big blues make the rounds, Fluke showing up and big Stripers moving in.

With the Fluke bite, we are finding a 3 way with a three-foot lead is working the best.  We would strongly recommend that if you are fishing the ocean you utilize our 8" grub off of that trailing three-foot line, with a 6/0 or 7/0 hook.  We would stick with the Watermelon, Madri Grasand Bubblegum Pearl Swirl, but mix things up after two or three drifts over your favorite spots.   It's important that you try an array of colors and baits if you're not getting a hit.  They're there, you just need to find what they are hitting on that date/time.

Weakfish are here as well.  You can fish in Jamaica Bay, Nassau County Back Waters, behind Fire Island and the back of Moriches, etc.  The hot color is PINK.  We would recommend the Pink Bass Assassins or our own Jr. Slayers, that come with a 6" grub.  We like matching them up with white, pink or white/pink bucktails/skirts.  The slower you can work them, better it will be.  You're going to find these fish around structure and drop-offs. They don't seem to be a fan of FAST moving water, so avoid the rips, look for deeper water with structure and drops.

Porgies are awesome, but to get on the BIG ONES, Montauk, Peconic and the Northshore is where you'll need to be. 

Sharks are being reported as the Ocean temperatures are warming up.  We are only weeks away from a solid bite.

If you are looking for information regarding where the bite is and what is best baits to use.  TEXT: 408-471-5161 for the latest information we have.

UPDATE 5/26/2018
Stripers are to the west in the ocean by Debs, being picked up on the Troll…
Mojo's and Bunker Spoons.   BIG FLUKE are around and with water temperatures rising, it's almost time to hit the Ocean for these Doormats.  The best way to pick up your Prize Fluke is using a 3-Way, with a trailing Teaser.  We have been very successful with our Apple Blossom and Pink Blossom Flys, with a Pink/Chartreuse 3.5'' Pro Micro Grub attached.

Blues are a hit and miss right now but they're still around.  You just need to find them.  They are getting picky with bait moving up into the bays, so you'll have to try a few things to get them to hit.  We are now moving into Prime Spring Striper Season.  We are only a week or two away for some great action.

Striper action right now is hotter at night, sunset on the first of the tide change.  Find structure like bridges or inside wrecks and work clam, AllPro Backwater Slayers, Plugs and of course if you could get your hands on some live Bunker or Peanut Bunker, that would be best.

5/24/2018 As Heard on WFAN each Thursday 8:15am and Saturday at 5am, 6am & 7am
Stripers are moving east with larger stripers being picked up on the incoming tides from the Jamaica Bay to Moriches.  The ocean has been tough to fish so no consistent reports are coming out of there.  Stripers are in the back bays, in the shallows, off of the flats.  Most are hitting after sunset before sunrise.  They are hitting bucktails, shads, grubs anda variations of plugs and soft baits.  Big Blues, up to 17lbs are everywhere inside, and they have gone all the way back into the canals and back bays.  Fluke fishing has been solid, but keepers are a hit and miss in the Fire Island area.  There are more size to these fish out by Moriches and Montauk.  We are hearing of a good bite west as well, out of Debs.  Porgies are in full bloom on the north shore and out east around Gardiners and Montauk.  Weakfish are biting, but they are picky.  Find your favorite Weakfish hole and work it with various baits.   Eventually, they'll hit..  The water has cooled off with all this poor weather we had in the past week, but we anticipate that the water will warm up quickly and the bite will turn on.  The reality of it is, is that there are a lot of fish out there and they are active.  The weather has been difficult to navigate for those who don't want to get wet. 

UPDATE 5/18/2018
Wow, is all I got to say.  The weather has been horrible, the rain doesn't want to clear out and the wind just won't stop blowing, but this is why they invented Rain Gear and Windbreakers!  The fish don't seem to mind as we are getting reports of BIG BLUES from Jamaica Bay out towards Montauk.  We fished today on the Rips east of the Fire Island Coast Guard Station and the Kismet Reef.  We had non-stop action of Monster Blues with a sprinkle of short Fluke mixed in.  We were trying to grab a Weakfish, but the Blues wouldn't have it and didn't want to share.  We had Blues up to 8lbs.  We initially tried plugs, then switched to shads…but the bites didn't really start happening until we finally got to our Pink  or Red Grubs.  When we fished the White, Chartreuse and Watermelon Grubs, the fish weren't interested.  We then put on a Wet Lipstick and BANG!  The problem was the 8" grub was too long for these tail attackers.  So we switched up to our 6" Red Translucent Grub and this adjustment did the trick.  We had hook up after hook up.  We fished the red translucent 6" grub on our white/pink Backwater Slayer Bucktail which was perfect.

5/17/2018 AllPro WFAN Fishing Report
Wow, is all I can say.  The stripers are now migrating east from the Raritan Bay.  The cows haven't arrived at the Jones/Fire Island area yet, but fish up to 34'' are being caught on a regular basis from the Raritan Bay out to Shinnecock and now Montauk is starting to see some action.  Most of the action is on the inside off of the rips and flats.  Bait is also moving to the inside which has triggered an AWESOME Blue bite throughout Jones, Fire Island, Moriches.  All of the action right now is being reported to the inside, but I suspect this is because the weather hasn't been good enough for people to work the outside. This weekend we expect to see some more outside action.

The BLUES have finally shown up and they are hungry.  At first, they were all over the plugs but now they are being a bit more picky with all of the bait in the water.  Try your artificials, but if you're not getting a hit, don't think they aren't in your favorite spot, put down some bunker or other live bait before giving up on an area.

Fluke fishing is steady.  20'' fish are being caught west and east of Fire Island.  We are seeing the best action of larger fish out of the Moriches area, inside as well as to the outside.  If you're fishing Jamaica Bay, the bite is strong closer to the airport, Jones Beach, the bite is great off of the flats and state channel, Fire Island there are a ton of party boats raking the grounds but you'll still find them west of the Robert Moses Bridge, off of Fisherman's Reef and in the Ocean Beach area.  Moriches is seeing some of the best action but you have to know those waters so if you are heading out that way, find the "party of boats" and work those areas.  Montauk is now starting to pick up with nice action, as well as Gardiner's Bay, Peconic Bay, and the interior island areas. 

Porgy fishing is all to the east, Montauk, Shelter Island, Gardiner's Island.  We're hearing about some HUGE fish being pulled up.

The north shore is starting to see some better fishing as Stripers are being reported, along with the Blues.  We are still getting good reports of fish from Port Washington to Northport, to Greenport. 

What we are seeing is that bait is changing and the amount of bait in the water is changing, thus the fish are starting to be a bit pickier.  Thus, when you're fishing, don't give up on an area until you fish that area with 3 or 4 different baits or methods, because its likely that the fish are there, you just haven't thrown something their way to entice their bite. 

Also of note: WEAKFISH are here.  We found LIVE BAIT brings most of the action so if you can grab some peanut bunker in the back bay or some shrimp,  I'd go with that.  They are also being caught on pink or white grubs and small bucktails.  Best spots for the Weakfish are being reported in the Zach's Bay area, Ocean Bay Park area and the holes inside of Moriches.

UPDATE:  5/13/2018
We can't list all of the spots between NJ to Montauk and in the LI Sound, but we can tell you this.
THE FISH ARE HERE… If you aren't catching Stripers or Blues, or even Fluke, it's because:
1. You aren't fishing the proper tide conditions.  For your BEST CHANCES fish the first 2 hours of the income or outgoing.  Fish can be caught at all different times and hours, but historically, and what is being reported from EVERYWHERE is the best fishing is on the Change of the Tide.
2. You aren't at the right location.  If you're not familiar with an area or you haven't been successful in the past, don't be ashamed.  Find a Party Boat, follow it a while.  These captains fish the waters 7 days a week, sometimes several times a day.  They know the fishing holes.  ALSO, find the rips.  Find those drop offs and drift them at least 6 times before moving to a new location.  Try different baits on every other drift.  Try surface plugs, then sub-surface, then Plastic Grubs… and if you have fresh bait… well you gotta give that a try.  It won't catch fish sitting on your deck.

We are catching Stripers (Schoolies around Fire Island) and BIG BLUES on all the rips.  You can too!  Find the rip by the Light House and start by throwing plugs as you drift.  If that area doesn't produce, try the areas around Snake Hill Channel… again, if that doesn't produce, run east to the shallows/flats just north of Atlantique, off of the red can.  We were catching 8lb blues in 3' of water.  Good Luck!!

5/9/2018 AllPro WFAN Fishing Report

The bite is still happening in the Raritan Bay with Trophy fish being caught daily.  The smaller fish are out in front of the larger fish as the migration is making its way around the horn and running east along Long Island.  Most bass are being caught in the bays, off of the flats or in the state channels.  At times bass are being picked up in the inlets on clam bellies, but this is hot and cold.  The best bass bite seems to be occurring after sundown.  The outgoing tide is favorable.  The north shore in those warmer temperature spots in Port Washington, Huntington and Greenport and seeing consistent bass action, but again, it's hot and cold and the COWS haven't made their way in those waters yet.  Montauk is seeing action, but not like regular MONTAUK action.  They are still a couple of weeks away as the water temperature is slowing the migration down as the bigger fish aren't moving as quickly in this chilly water (Fire Island area oceans are still in the high 40's in areas).


Fluke opened up last Friday with a BANG.  These flatties arrived hungry and active.  Very good action is being reported along the south shore ports, but much like the bass, all of the action is to the inside.  Jamaica Bay, Debbs are seeing great fish, up to 7lbs, as is Moriches.  Jones and Fire Island is seeing action, but your weekend warriors will have a tough time getting on a doormat with all of the Party Boat action that is raking the limited fishing grounds daily.  Good action was reported on both sides of the Meadowbrook Bridge and up in the channels.  Likewise for the Fire Island area.  The Copiague Hole had been active as well as the State Channel from West Gilgo to Frank & Dicks.  The bite in the channels has been hot and cold as the areas are being aggressively fished.  The water temperature in these areas are in the low 60's.  The north shore has also seen some action.  There is a good Fluke bite throughout, from Throgs Neck Bridge out to Greenport.  The bait of choice seems to be the good ole bucktail with a teaser followed by spearing/squid, gulp shrimp or the 6'' AllPro Grub (white or chartreuse).  The 8'' grubs seem too big for these 16-20'' fish as most are feeding on shrimp.  Off of the marshes, we would go with the shrimp, in the open bays the skid/spearing or grubs seem to be more effective.

And how about those Porgies.  Right now the bite is all around Montauk and Gardiners Island.  BIG Porgies are being reported, so if that's your game, then this is where you want to be.  Solid reports are also coming from Greenport on these feisty fish. 

Fluke have been caught inside Jamaica Bay on Squid Strips/Bucktails.  They are also reports of Fluke being caught off of the flat inside Jones Beach, east of the Meadowbrook Bridge.  Gulp Shrimp was the choice bait there.  We fished on 5/4 all over the Fire Island area and found the Fluke in the State Channel as far as Gilgo Beach and the Amityville Cut.  Again, Gulp Shrimp was the bait of choice.  Each Fluke we brought up they were spitting out shrimp.  Plus our cameras picked up huge bait balls of shrimp in and around these areas.  Our Fluke were caught in water as cold as 54 degrees and as warm as 61 degrees.  So if you are heading out this weekend, fish the State Channels and off of the flats, and don't leave the Gulp Shrimp at home!  We also had some Striper Action, but very small in size, in Snake Hill.  It appeared that the Stripers were looking for warmer water and BAIT!  No Bait, No Stripers.  Find the Bait, find some warmer water, and you'll likely find some schoolie Stripers.  We caught these little fellows on the AllPro Backwater Striper Shad Bucktail, Chartreuse/White/Pearl/Green.

Weakfish are here… Our cameras spotted them off of Ocean Beach and Kismet, Fire Island.  They weren't interested in various artificials, squid or claim… and we didn't have any LIVE BAIT with us, but we suspect peanut bunker or spot would have enticed them to bite.

WFAN – AllPro Fishing Report  Each Thursday 8:15a.m. and Saturday 5am, 6am & 7am

It's getting Hotter… as the Raritan Bay is still on fire with Trophy Bass up to 50lbs being taken.  The migration is now approaching Jamaica Bay with additional reports of larger Stripers moving in.  Jones and Fire Island are seeing action, but its still hot & cold.  Mostly schoolies, but 20lb+ fish are in the mix as well.  Shinnecock & Montauk are still waiting for the action to light up.  The Long Island Sound is getting a steady stream of Stripers, mostly in the areas of the warmer water, near utility plants, etc.  

Fluke season opens up tomorrow, Friday in New York.  We know people got the itch, but the water is still a bit cold for them to move into the bays.  There was a report of some Fluke getting caught up in the nets, thus there coming, but it may be another week or two before things really start to heat up.

Right now, the best bet is to focus on your Stripers and Fluke.  Be prepared to chunk clam, troll your mojos/spoons and even slow jig on top of schools.  As for Fluke, we don't think there will be anything better than our AllPro Backwater Slayer Bucktails with our custom 8" Power Grubs on them.  They look awesome and the action is out of this world.

4/26/2018: WFAN Fishing Report

The Striper migration has clearly hit the Jersey coast and there is active and aggressive action in the Raritan Bay.  Fish sizes are all over the place, with some 25lb+ fish being caught.  Most of the action is from Mojo's, Tony Maja Bunker Spoons and Chunking with clam.  Stripers on the smaller side, up to 30'' or so, are being caught with some regularity from Jamaica Bay, to Jones, to Fire Island.  Each day as the weather warms up, the migration is moving.  You need to get out on the water and fish as any day could be the "Hot Day"

Just today, 4/25 we received reports of the action beginning by Shinnecock, which means Montauk could be just weeks away before it busts open.

Reports are hot and cold throughout the LI Sound, with reports of some nice size Stripers in the Port Washington and Huntington Areas.  Reports of blackfish are also better on the north shore than the south shore, so if you like to anchor up, you still have time to take advantage of this new/short season.

Flounder are being reported in the back bays, and Shinnecock but I suspect they will soon disappear as hungry Stripers move up and through Long Island.