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July 2, 2020
3/8oz AllPro Swing-Tail Naked SLAYER Bundle
July 2, 2020

3oz NAKED Swing-Tail SLAYERS 10 Pack (2 of each color)

$62.99 $49.99

WHOLLY COW… They’re NAKED. This is the deal. Set of (10) 3oz NAKED Swing-Tail SLAYERS for just $49.99 (just $4.99 each and FREE SHIPPING and a FREE BONUS!!) You can add your own bait, STINK, GULP, Sand Eels, Squid, etc…
2 of each color
2-Sea Robin Red

2 in stock

These are the same great custom made Swing-Tails that we have been producing:

-Powder Coated
-Epoxied Eyes
-Clear Coated
-Wired Silicone Skirts
-Extra Long Shank Hooks
-Split Ring Swing Tail Action


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