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All-American STINK 6″ Big Daddy Grubs



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VARIETY PACK (8 Package) $43.99 1 of each color, Bloodworm, SandEel, Watermelon, Lightning White, SunPepper, Bubblegum Swirl, Spearing Green, Bluewater Pearl

The All-American STINK 6″ Big Daddy Grubs are unlike any other. These are not made of a spongy material and do not absorb water like other brands when placed in water. With other brands, fishermen think they are catching fish because of the “scent”, but in all actuality, the other baits are just absorbing “water” once they are being fished. Scent works to “eliminate” unnatural or foreign smells from the bait and not like a chum slick to attract fish. Think about it; If the scent was the reason why you were catching fish then why replace the bait when the tail is bitten off?

This is why fish bite:
-ACTION: Fish attack prey that appear to be injured or weak. They look for an easy meal. This is why just about every artificial bait wobbles, jerks and simulates injured prey.

-COLOR PATTERN (They see shades): Depending on where you are fishing, the depth you are fishing and the clarity of the water, coloring/shading can make all of the difference.

-SCENT: Scent works, but not like most think. Unlike when you are fishing for sharks, scent works to eliminate unnatural or foreign smells, especially when you are fishing in calm, slow moving water. Scent is less useful when you are fishing in deeper or faster moving water, which is why you catch many more Striped Bass on Mojos, Spoons, Jigs or plugs which are all unscented.

Fluke (Summer Flounder), Striped Bass, Snapper, Sea Bass, Cobia, Sea Trout, Weakfish and many other types of fish attack on instinct, seeking an injured or easy prey. This is where the All-American STINK outperforms other baits. With its larger diameter tail and whipping action, fish of all types can’t resist. The special formula STINK is a water-soluble compound that eliminates unnatural/foreign smells and MORE IMPORTANTLY coats the Big Daddy Grub. This coating creates a slime or slick outer coating on the grub which simulates the natural feeling of prey while also eliminating those unnatural/foreign smells. And because the All-American STINK is up to 5X more durable than other brands, you can fish it longer and with more confidence knowing that a single bite didn’t cause that tail to come off.

How to Fish the All-American STINK:
If you are using it on a bucktail or as a teaser (we recommend the All-American Swinging Slayer) we recommend to “recharge” the Big Daddy Grub every 12-18 minutes to re-coat its body with its special formula. It only takes a quick dip, back into the package. Our formula was made to immediately adhere to our plastic and stay on for an extended period of time. This will allow the bait to continue to provide that “slime coating” and provide the elimination of unnatural / foreign smells.

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Colors / Patterns 6" Big Daddy All-American STINK Grubs

Spearing Green

Day Shine Chartreuse



Bloodworm Red

Bubblegum Swirl


Sea Robin Red


Lightning White

Bluewater Pearl

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Bloodworm Red, Bluewater Pearl, Bubblegum Swirl, Glow, Lightning White, SandEel, Sea Robin Red, Spearing Green, SunPepper, Variety Pack 8 Different Colors (1 package of each color), Watermelon