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AllPro 6″ Big Game Power Grubs



The AllPro BIG GAME 6” Power Grubs are 100% American Made and Custom Designed by AllPro to excel in all water conditions; saltwater, freshwater, extreme cold temperatures and tropical heat. Our Power Grubs are created with several compounds to achieve long lasting and fade resistant colors in addition to a tear or bite resistant formulation that provides for longer lasting use. Before we sell any AllPro BIG GAME Grub we test the various color patterns and shades to make sure they are effective on various species before we offer them for sale. So if we are selling it, we have used it, and it works.

The AllPro BIG GAME 8” Power Grubs should be used when you are targeting larger species like Doormat Ocean Fluke, Knucklehead Sea Bass, Striped Bass/Rockfish, Tarpon, Walleye, and Largemouth Bass just to name a few. We even had success using them in a spread for Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna.
Color Offerings:
Watermelon (Similar to the popular Nuclear Chicken pattern)
Pearl White
Chartreuse Day Shine (We added a glistening compound so that it “glows” during the daylight)
Bubblegum Pearl Swirl
Wet Lipstick (White/Pink tail)
Bluewater (new color)
SunPepper (new color – flying off the shelf)

Pearl White

Chartreuse Day Glow

Wet Lipstick


Bubblegum/Pearl Swirl




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Bubblegum Pearl Swirl, Chartreuse Day Glow, Combo Pack 15 of each color (105 Grubs), Mardi Gras, Pearl, SunPepper, Watermelon, Wet Lipstick

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