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July 2, 2020
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July 2, 2020

AllPro Double Assist Hooks-FREE SHIPPING


AllPro Double Assist Hooks come with GLOW-N-DARK FLASHERS and HIGH CARBON STEEL RAZOR SHARP HOOKS.  The Flashers provide an unparalleled glow and sparkle under the water. Attach them on TOP of the Jig if you are fishing “Sticky Bottoms” to avoid snags or on the BOTTOM of the jig for a higher percentage of hook ups as you drop or retrieve the jig through the water column.

All Hooks are made with 200lb (tested to 275lbs) 12 Strand Braid line.
5/0 = Porgies, Fluke, Sea Bass and Small to Mid Size Reef Fish
7/0 = Fluke, Sea Bass, Striped Bass, Red Snapper, Weekfish
9/0 = Large Striped Bass, Tuna and large Pelagics

These are Ultra Sharp Hooks, razor sharp so please be very careful when handling.


9/0, 7/0, 5/0

5/0 Hook

5/0 Hook

7/0 Hook

7/0 Hook

7/0 Top 5/0 Bottom



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