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WE URGE YOU TO SHOP AROUND. THESE ARE UNBELIEVABLE LOW PRICE, TOP QUALITY Double Assist Hooks. We get these custom made just for AllPro.

AllPro Double Assist Hooks come with FLASHERS and RAZOR Sharp hooks. All Hooks come with Split Rings. The Flashers provide an unparalleled glow and sparkle under the water. We have found them to be very effective. The hooks come in 5/0 150lb Blue Kevlar With Flashers, 7/0 150lb with Flashers and 9/0 with Flashers.

We use size 5/0 with most applications, Fluke, Sea Bass, Porgies. We use 7/0 for Smaller Striped Bass and 9/0 when jigging larger Striped Bass or smaller Tuna. These are Ultra Sharp Hooks, razor sharp so please be very careful when handling.

7/0 Hook

5/0 Hook

5/0 Hook

5/0 Hook

5/0 on left, 7/0 on right

5/0 on left, 7/0 on right

5/0 shorter shank, slightly narrower

7/0 longer shank, slightly wider than 5/0

9/0 Hook

9/0 Hook- Gape is 1 1/4″ wide, compared to a 7/0 which has a 1'' Gape

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