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AllPro Red Rocket Surface to Sub-Surface Plug by TightLiner 6” 2.4oz


These custom-made surface to sub-surface wooden plugs were made by hand from Tightliner. They are 6'' long and weigh 2.4oz. The quality is FAR SUPERIOR to any commercial brand plug. If you've fished a Danny Plug, but haven't been happy with the quality or the line tangles. It's time to try the AllPro Plug. These lures were made with a special weight distribution that virtually eliminates casting line tangles, even in the wind! The action is just amazing as they swish back and forth, either on or just below the surface. You can adjust the depth of the plug by adjusting the eyelet (adjust line-tie: DO NOT TOUCH OR ADJUSTER THE METAL LIP).

Most people like fishing this style plug on calm days, with calm water. We've learned that because of the Tightliner style and weight distribution, these plugs are GREAT in the surf, over rips, through whitewater, as well as your calm backwater hot spots.

These plugs, if you can find them, are sold for $35.-$40. We have them for $32.99. Once you buy one and try it, you'll be back.

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