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Squid Bucktail with Swinging Hook 2oz (Package of 4)


$23.96 $17.97

INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING (Just $4.49 a piece!!)
Normally $5.99 (so its basically buy 3 get 1 free)
Wow… where can you get this? 4 (2oz) Squid Bucktails for just $17.99.

The Squid Bucktail comes in a set of 4. Each one is 2oz. They were made to use a strip bait (like squid, etc) off of their hook which is position on the side for easier hookups with Fluke/Summer Flounder.

Every tackle box should have some and now you can get these at the incredible price of 4 for $17.97 (and that includes shipping).

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Weight 2 oz