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AllPro Swing-Tail SLAYER Series



The AllPro SWING-TAIL SLAYER takes Bucktailing to a new level. Although the cost to manufacture and produce a SWING SLAYER is significantly more than a standard bucktail, we are still able to bring them to you at an incredible value and price. Our SWING SLAYER must be hand assembled to add each hook (as its not part of a mold like most other bucktails), wire each skirt, custom paint each head and to add each grub. But once you fish a SWING SLAYER and see how you can fish it lighter, deeper and with a longer scope and still get amazing action, you’ll come to realize that all that effort is worth all the time it takes to create this one of a kind bucktail jig.

Our bucktails are designed to not only catch more fish, but to actually HELP YOU FISH. Why? How? Unlike Spro style bucktails and the vast majority of bucktails on the market, our SLAYERS have the line connector strategically placed on the nose of the bucktail. This allows you to fish stronger currents and faster drifts while maintaining proper form. Under these same conditions if the line connector is on the back of the bucktail, you are now pulling that bucktail sideways as you scope out. With the SLAYER, you can fish longer, with a longer scope because as you jig, the bucktail will react like going up and down a hill and appear to be swimming, not dragging along. There is just no better bucktail on the market.

We created the SLAYERS to match our AllPro STINK colors so you can fish the STINK with perfectly coordinated patterns to provide the most natural presentation. PLUS, these are SWING-TAILS. This means MORE ACTION and YOU LOSE LESS FISH as they can’t leverage their bodies against the hook and jump off or shake off the hook. Our SWING-TAIL SLAYERS come in 3 Sizes: 3/8oz, 1oz & 3oz. Fish them on a high/low, on a 3-Way or all alone.
-Sea Robin Red
-Bluewater Pearl
-Mardi Gras
-Spearing Green
-Bubblegum Swirl

What makes the Swinger Different and BETTER?
-All Jigheads are Powder Coated & Sealed
-Each 3D Eye is Individually Epoxied
-Skirts are WIRED for long-lasting use
-Extended Shank 7/0 Mustad Rust Resistant Hooks that eliminate the short strikes (6/0 on 3/8oz)
-Swinging Action. The hooks swing up, down, to the left and to the right
-All Swingers come with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Fish it up to a YEAR and if you don't like it, return it for a FULL REFUND!

BIG DISCOUNT ON BUCKTAIL BOX: JUST $89.99 for 18 Bucktails! $4.99 Each (No Substitutions)

Bucktail Box

Bucktail Box

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3oz Combo (5 Bucktails) SunPepper, Sea Robin Red, Pearl White, Watermelon, Bubblegum Swirl, Bluewater 1oz, Bluewater 1oz combo with 3/8oz Teaser, Bluewater 3/8oz Glow Teaser, Bubblegum Swirl 1oz, Bubblegum Swirl 1oz combo with 3/8oz Bubblegum Swirl Teaser, Bubblegum Swirl 3/8oz Teaser, Bubblegum Swirl 3oz, Bucktail Box (18 Total Bucktails) – No Grubs, Day Shine 3/8 Teaser, Mardi Gras 1oz, Mardi Gras 1oz combo with 3/8oz Mardi Gras Teaser, Mardi Gras 3/8oz Teaser, Pearl White 1oz, Pearl White 1oz combo with 3/8oz Pearl White Teaser, Pearl White 3/8oz Teaser, Pearl White 3oz, Sea Robin 1oz, Sea Robin 1oz combo with 3/8oz Sea Robin, Sea Robin 3/8oz Teaser, Sea Robin 3oz, Spearing Green 1oz, Spearing Green 1oz combo with 3/8oz Day Shine Teaser, SunPepper 1oz, SunPepper 1oz combo with 3/8 Day Shine Teaser, Watermelon 1oz, Watermelon 1oz Combo wtih 3/8oz Watermelon Teaser, Watermelon 3/8oz Teaser, Watermelon 3oz