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Tony Maja 12oz Keel w/screws


$11.99 $10.79

For #4 Adult Bunker Spoon.
Problem: You need to get your Bunker Spoon lower in the water column to attract the BIG BASS without affecting the action of the spoon or from your rod. The Solution: The Tony Maja 12oz Keel (not 8oz being advertised at lower prices on the internet).

The Original Tony Maja 12oz Keel will get your spoon lower in the water column without affecting the pure natural action of the spoon and without the use of additional line weight, a drail or Mojo. It is simple to install, screw off the existing keel and screw on the 12oz Keel. We would recommend using some Loctite on the screws as these keels are significantly heavier then what comes on the original spoon and the screws can find a way to loosen. 1 drop of Loctite solves the issue and allows you to fish the Tony Maja Spoon in deeper water and at deeper depths.

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