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Tony Maja Adult Bunker Spoon #4 White



Yes, this is the original and unbeaten Tony Maja Bunker Spoon. We only sell the Tony Maja Bunker Spoon, because we only USE the Tony Maja Bunker Spoon. We are not endorsed by Tony Maja or sponsored by Tony Maja so our evaluation and opinion are unbiased. We have found that the White Bunker Spoon works best on bright days. To entice the bite a bit, we often put an AllPro 9'' White Shad or White/Chartreuse Shad on the hook. There are two keys to using the Tony Maja Bunker Spoon, Getting the Right Action and Getting the Right Depth. See below for more information how to achieve this.

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What is the right action for Tony Maja Bunker Spoon? The spoon needs to swing back and forth at a steady rhythm and pump the rod. In most conditions, you will achieve the proper action by trolling between 3-3.5mph. The current, sea conditions, the direction of travel, the line length and depth can all affect the action of the bunker spoon, thus you may need to make minor adjustments when you are underway. The key here is the tip of the rod. When the spoon is working and moving properly you'll see a smooth and regular pumping rhythm. You may need to speed up or slow down to achieve the perfect results.

The depth. In most cases, you want that Spoon down low. There are situations that you want to troll the spoon in the upper water columns, but in most applications for best results, you want that spoon trolling mid-level or lower. What you are trying to achieve is the look of a bunker that is distressed/struggling in that lower water column where the big lazy bass are hanging out. There are several excellent ways to achieve this. You can use wire or lead core line to get the spoon down deeper. This works well if you are trolling in depths of 20-30 feet. If you are in deeper water, 30-50 feet, you can add an inline trolling weight and run your spoon off of a 10-foot mono or fluoro lead. We like to use a longer lead so you don't interfere with the action of the spoon. Lastly, if you find yourself in depths of 30-80 feet, to get the spoon down deep we would recommend utilizing a Mojo, with a three-way swivel. This will get your bunker spoon in the lower water column area and allow it to perform the needed action. We've seen people use downriggers as well, but we wouldn't recommend them because you lose the action of the rod tip and won't know if your spoon is just twirling around or swimming properly.

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