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Tony Maja Magical Tandem Mojo Sets



If you fish for Striped Bass then you know that the Tandem Mojo is a MUST HAVE. But did you know that you have to get the RIGHT MOJO Set to truly be effective? Trolling 4oz, 6oz or even 8oz sets, may serve its purpose to get you in the water. But to reach the COWS, that stay towards the bottom, you need 16oz & 24oz Mojo sets. This weight will assure you that you are reaching the lower water column while still trolling at 2.8 knots (3.3mph).

The Tony Maja Magical Mojos come in 24oz/6oz and 16oz/6oz, in Pearl White & Chartreuse (John Deere). These pre-rigged sets are the best available tandem mojo sets on the market. The AllPro TackleBox provides 4 FREE 9″ Shads with each set purchased.

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16oz/6oz Chartreuse Tandem, 16oz/6oz Pearl White Tandem, 24oz/6oz Chartreuse Tandem, 24oz/6oz Pearl White Tandem