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Wang Combo Pack Butterfly Jig 100g/3.5oz – FREE SHIPPING


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The 3.5oz Wang Butterfly Jig is specifically designed with a flat prism bottom and a colored prism top, Blue Sardine, Silver Herring and the popular Pink Eye, to create a fluttering free fall movement. This jig gets hit on the way down or on the way up. We recommend to free fall the jig, stop it, jig it, free fall some more, stop it, jig it, then free fall it into your desired water column. The best response and action on these jigs are created with a speed jig or butterfly jig movement. These trio of colors are versatile and work under any conditions, dirty water, clear water or bluewater. We love them for Striped Bass, Black Sea Bass, Fluke (yes, tap it off the bottom, jig, tap it off the bottom, jig, and you’ll be surprised by the results), Tuna, Bonita and False Albies.

Match these Wang Jigs up with our Double Assist Hooks for BEST RESULTS. WE GUARANTEE they will catch fish or your MONEY BACK!

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