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AllPro Expo & Seminar
Sunday, February 25, 2018
Hilton Hotel
598 Broad Hollow Rd
Melville, New York 11747

SeminarCome meet Capt. Paul Hebert of Wicked Tuna, Captain of Wicked Pissah
WFANHear about us on WFAN 



Come enjoy Long Island’s Premiere AllPro Fishing Expo held at the 10,000 square foot Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel. If it involves fishing, boating, the beach or the outdoors, you’ll find it at the AllPro Fishing Expo.   Our local tackle shops and lure makers will be present to display what works best in our native waters, and national brand representatives will provide a sneak peek into the newest, greatest technologies that will help you find the fish, catch the fish and keep you safe on the water.

The AllPro Seminar is special.  It was created by Long Island Fisherman, for the Long Island Fisherman. With personal classroom sizes (no more than 25 people), you will be able to participate in 7 Seminars from over 14 rotating choices. Because the topics rotate, you will be able to sit in on all of the classes you choose. From the beginner fisherman to the well-established experienced fisherman, there is something for everyone. You’ll gain insights and tips from leading Author and Fishing Expert John Skinner, and from legends such as Capt. Al Lorenzetti (Skimmer Outdoors) and Capt.  Joe Shute, the creator of the infamous  Joe Shute Lure and the author of many "How-To" articles and videos.  Meet Capt. Mark Garry (Kidcochiese), the character behind sensational videos as he provides insights into Fishing the Long Island Sound.   Capt. Paul Mandella,  of Maybe Tonight Charters, who has been fishing the bays for more than 25 years, will provide insights that only an expert can.  Do you like to go deep?  Like a challenge and a rush of energy?  Sit in on the sharking class conducted by Capt. John Nappo as he goes over the most effective rigs, equipment, bait, techniques, and areas to catch the monster.  Then there is Elias Vaisberg, one of the leading kayak fishermen in the northeast.    You may have a 33' center console, that can go 60 mph, and we still urge you not to miss this Kayak class.  Elias not only goes over the essentials required to be an effective kayak fisherman, he provides you the tips and knowledge he had learned over the years from fishing only inches from the water surface. 


We guarantee, that after attending the AllPro Seminar, you will leave as a better fisherman.  You will learn the “secret spots” inside the Great South Bay and the Long Island Sound and gain greater knowledge on how to catch more Weakfish, Stripers, Fluke, Sea Bass and Tautog.  These comprehensive seminars even include topics such  as Electronics, conducted by Expert Roger Williams, of CMI, solving the Weather, Moon & Tides puzzle by a meteorologist, and what to look for to find that “HOT SPOT.” So Join US, at the AllPro Seminar and enjoy a great day… on land.

AllPro Expo
$15.00pp Children under 12: Free. Online or at Door
Group Sales of 3 or more save 10%
Hours 9a.m. to 5p.m.
Includes: Fishing Expo, Meet & Greet with Capt. Paul Hebert of Wicked Tuna, Gregg Giannotti of WFAN (Boomer & Gio Show), Photos with the AllPro Mermaids, Giveaways and Gift Bag
AllPro Seminar
$125.00pp ONLINE Sales Only, Not Available at Door
Group Sales of 3 or more save 10%
Hours 7:30a.m. to 3:50p.m.
Includes: Seminar, Fishing Expo, Meet & Greet, Welcome Breakfast, Giveaways
Special Gift Bag & 5 Free Chinese Auction Raffle Tickets 
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