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We Sell It, because We Fish It…and It WORKS

The AllPro Tacklebox is not a tackle store and is not meant to compete with your local tackle store or any of the national chains.  A matter of fact, we support local tackle stores and encourage you to shop them.  We need these local stores to stay vibrant and successful as they are a great resource and provide a wealth of information way behind your hook, line or sinker.  The AllPro Tacklebox is a boutique outlet, that provides items that our captains use regularly for the variety of fish that we target. We find these items so successful and worthwhile, they belong in your “Tacklebox.”  As we continue to fish and the season changes, so will the limited number of items we provide.  Not only will we provide you with the lures that we're using, we will provide you with information how we fish those lures or use the various items.  Further, as you can see, our pricing is not going to make us rich, that's because we do it,  so you can catch more fish!

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The Fluke (Summer Flounder) and Weakfish are known killers of the AllPro 3.5'' Power Grub Teaser.  We now have them in Pink, Chartreuse & Glow-In-The-Dark and for an unbelievable price of $2.99 for 10 or just $8.99 for 50!  Or how about our proven Butterfly or Power Jigs, just $7.99/$8.99 compared to $14.99 and $17.99.  If your target is Striped Bass, you can't leave the AllProTackleBox without a Tony Maja Bunker Spoon with a regular price of just $33.99 (the more you buy the cheaper they become)!  And finally, you must check out our TackleBox Bundles.  We will be adding different options all of the time at discounted prices.  You can even customize your own for great discounts!